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"Soft Shell" P38 Holster, Black
"Soft Shell" P38 Holster, Black

: $34.99


Product Description
Reproduction of the "soft shell" holster for the German Walther P38 9mm pistols. Black leather, hand sewn, with two loops on the back to allow it to be worn on belts up to 1.75 inches wide. The pattern for these was made from an original holster. Unmarked.

How do they compare to the other repros?
1. The leather is very comparable to the originals, nicely finished and does NOT stink.
2. The stud is the correct gray painted steel type- not the hyper-farb brass, nickel or black chrome nipples used on most repros.
3. Hand sewn, not machine. Yes, it's easy to tell.

Fit/ Break-in: My P38 went in with minimal effort- but leather holsters are like leather shoes- they are a bit tight when new and will loosen up with use. Pistols do not go in to new holsters quite as easily as they do with modern nylon holster.

Pistol not included.

What all fits in these here holsters? The never ending chain of questions on all holsters- what can one cram inside other than the pistol these were specifically designed for? (namely the Walter P38 pistol- see photo.)

P08 Luger pistol (just barely)
Snicker's Bar
Craftsman 3/16 socket driver
Half a dozen ball point pens

How about other guns? Not so far.
M1911's, HiPowers, Radoms, Glocks, Sigs, etc do NOT fit. This is made for a pistol with a slender barrel and the slides on most other automatics are too thick.