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K98 Pouch, Black, Single
K98 Pouch, Black, Single

: $25.99

Product Description
Single (one) K98 pouch. Troops carrying G43's were normally issued 1 K98 and 1 G43 pouch, rather than a pair of G43 pouches. They were to refill their magazines using the 5 rd stripper clips. Order one of these and then whichever model of G43 pouch you like. Yes, German troops wore non-matching color pouches; a brown G43 and a black K98 pouch is very correct. It was 1944 and there were more pressing concerns than how well their gear matched...

Each pocket holds six 5 round "stripper" clips, with a pouch holding a total of 30 rounds.
This new batch has a rawhide insert like the sets do instead of a leather divider.