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German Medic Pouch, Black
German Medic Pouch, Black

: $29.99

Product Description
Reproduction WWII German Medic (Sanitäter) Pouch. These were worn in pairs and were used to carry dressings, torniquets, scissors; etc.. by combat medics, doctors and litter bearers.
Quality is very good.

The hardware and rivets are reproductions, hand-stitched with linen thread, and the HBT tape pull is installed inside.
Although these were usually worn in pairs, they are priced individually.

Many original black pouches I have handled were originally brown, and were later dyed black. These save you the trouble...

Other Medic Pouch Notes: Original pouches were stamped "R" and "L" (for rechts (right) and links (left)). They were also stamped "T" (for Träger (litter bearer)) or "S" (for Sani (Medic)). There may have been other marks (Doktor??) and the myriad of possibilities makes it impractical for us to try to provide them all. All markings were on the back and were not visible unless the pouch is removed from the belt and flipped over. Lastly, each individual pouch had a paper label glued in the lid listing the contents it should have and their location- and each type of pouch had a specific layout. Again, we did not fool with these as there are too many possibilities.