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Luftwaffe MP40 Pouches
Luftwaffe MP40 Pouches

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Product Description
New reproductions of WWII issue magazine pouches for MP38 and MP40 submachineguns in the Feldblau color. These are generally considered to be for use by units of the Luftwaffe (German Air Force) which included Flak, Feld Division, and Fallschirmjäger units. They hold 6 MP40 magazines and a loading tool in the side pocket.

Our MP pouches are made using the patterns I created from my original examples, and they measure off correctly in all regards. The canvas is 100% cotton, and the genuine leather fittings are correctly hand sewn with cotton/ linen cord. The studs and d-rings are painted steel.

Despite the untold number of variations among originals, the majority are very consistent with regard to the length and width of the flaps and straps, size of the pockets, shape of the hardware and positions of the belt loops. Conversely, the majority of reproductions are equally consistent in having obvious errors in these areas which are an instant give-away even in perfectly staged B&W photographs.

Fit: These are made for and fit 30 round magazines for the MP38/40 SMG's. From customer feedback, they also work for most of the reproduction magazines such as those for the GSG things and Denix guns.