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Texled MP44 Pouches, Type 1B
Texled MP44 Pouches, Type 1B

: $349.99

Product Description

Reproduction of the Mkb/MP43/MP44/STG pouches made by "kkd" (Wilhelm Stern Lederwarenfabrik, Posen) in 1944.

Patterned from original pouches, using actual WWII German canvas, assembled with American leather from Herman Oak, and sewn with linen and cotton thread. Every detail of the period pouches was duplicated, save for the use of recycled leather. (More below.)

I created the name "Type 1" for this style of magazine pouch- fieldgray canvas with leather fittings. "B" refers to them having a reinforcing strip across the bottom of the magazine pockets. Otherwise the name has zero historical basis.

The first pouches issued with the then new German Maschinenkarabiner had a single large flap to secure all three magazine pockets. This was found to be less than ideal, so pouches with individual flaps were then made. There were several manufacturers of this style of pouch, including dkk, qkv, jwa, and fuq. Each maker exhibits very minor differences in details. and I chose the ones made by kkd to copy.

These pouches are as close to the originals as one can get. I made a point to "age" the leather some using dye and neetsfoot oil, the flap sides have a "splotchy" appearance, and we used book cloth for the flap linings. Original WWII "Prym" snaps are fitted to the accessory pockets on the ends of each pouch.

The "kkd" and "Mkb 42" stamps are copied from original pouches- which wasn't easy- they are rarely even remotely clear.

Where are the holes? For those who know the original versions of these, will likely notice that the leather is "wrong". On every original example of these pouches I have ever seen or handled, the factory had used leather that was recycled from some other piece of equipment- meaning it has stitch holes scattered about. I did consider trying to engineer that key detail, but opted not to both due to the hassle as well as the likelihood of many customers having seizures.

"Flaw" Warnings: Most of these pouches have a mix of shades on the parts. The canvas was some sort of train car cover, so there were multiple panels and some had been more exposed to the weather than others. As stated, I spent some time working the leather so some parts are lighter or darker than others. Most pouches will have some small stains and the canvas maybe a few small snags. If this is unacceptable, don't order them.

Availability: We were able to make right at 20 pairs of these with the fabric on hand. They'll be listed in fits and starts as I still have to hand sew on the buckles for the backstraps (that I forgot to send to the contractor), plus I'm oiling some of the straps again and checking for issues.

Made with original canvas, American leather, cut & partially assembled in USA