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Texled MP40 Pouches, "clg 44", tan
Texled MP40 Pouches, "clg 44", tan

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Product Description

Reproduction MP38/40 Pouches, made with Belgian linen canvas and American leather. About 10 years ago, I missed an original "clg 44" pouch on WAF that was made from the tan canvas with red lines- the same material often found on STG pouches. That's the only example I have ever seen of an MP40 pouch made from that cloth that has black straps. A few made by "dkk" have turned up, but they used brown leather fittings which cause indigestion among Living Historians...

We had this fabric made in Belgium in 2011. It's copied directly from an original example, 100% linen, with the woven red lines. The lines that excite so many enthusiasts have no military significance- this cloth was made for feed sacks and the lines were added as cutting and sewing guides for the production of the bags. Apparently the Germans decided it was fine for their needs and purchased it "as is".

The leather is from Hermann Oak, and we dye and cut the parts here. Then everything is shipped overseas to be correctly saddle stitched (hand sewn) with linen and cotton thread. I then mark them with the clg 44 (Ernst Melzig Lederwaren, Liegnitz) and WaA 965.

"Flaw" note: This fabric is prone to having some mis-weaves and tufts in it- that's the nature of linen. If this is unacceptable, then don't order them.

Issue & Use in WWII: There is ZERO significance to the different colors of MP pouches- they're just variations from different manufacturers. FB in particular can have some very fake news regarding this sort of thing.

Made with US and EU materials, partially assembled in USA.