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Texled MP40 Pouches, "clg", olive
Texled MP40 Pouches, "clg", olive

: $169.99

Product Description
Top of the line reproduction magazine pouches for WWII German MP38 and MP40 SMG's. These are unique to ATF- assembled with American made canvas and leather, patterned directly from the original examples in the photos.

Nearly all reproduction MP40 pouches (and MP44's) are at best so-so, but most often utter abominations. No, these are not a horribly complicated piece of gear, but for some reason the companies in India, Pakistan and China that make the gear for the majority of vendors just can't get them right. They're so bad that they're easily picked out even in black and white photos of guys wearing otherwise perfect impressions.

In 2019 I decided to improve the Texled products one more notch by copying specific WWII manufacturers- many of whom had their own characteristics. MP40 pouches were made in numerous fabrics and colors during the War- the most popular combination with enthusiasts today is olive canvas with black leather fittings. One of the most prolific gear manufacturers in Germany was Ernst Melzig Lederwaren in Liegnizt, (in East Prussia, now Poland) whose maker code was "clg", hence the name.

I have several original examples of clg pouches, one of which we sent to the canvas company in Indianapolis for a color sample. The studs and D-rings were specially made several years ago (as they are used on numerous other items of gear), and the leather comes from Hermann Oak. We spray and seal it here, die cut the canvas, and send the parts overseas for assembly.

Why not sew them in the USA? Cost and carpal tunnel. The leather parts on these (as well as nearly all WWII German gear) is saddle stitched by hand. Each pair requires approximately 4 hours to stitch the parts on. It can be done by machine, but that's still very time consuming, it looks like shit and doesn't hold up very well. This is far more authentic and still less expensive.

The comparison photos with the originals show it all. The only give aways that our pouches aren't WWII "clg's", besides not having 75 years of age, is the slightly different font on the "MP40" stamp, the rivets on the D-ring strap are not identical (couldn't find a perfect match), and the stitching on the stud discs is too neat. Yes, the thread is linen, the Waffenamt is the correct number (866), the flaps overlap the top appropriately, and the mags fit.

Assembled overseas with American materials