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M31 Mess Tin, Fieldgray
M31 Mess Tin, Fieldgray

: $39.99


Product Description

Reproduction of the M31 Kochgeschirre issued to German troops throughout WWII. Copied from an original example (not a Bundeswehr model), these are made from aluminum in the correct dimensions.Wear: These were typically worn on the A-frame or secured with a mess tin strap to the breadbag, or Y-straps.

Markings? They are supposedly marked "FWBN 44" but it turns out that the stamp is too faint to read. There are none with crisp and clear stamps.(FWBN is the WWII maker code for F.W. Brockelmann Aluminumwerk GmbH.)

This model is painted dark field gray,(very similar to that used on gasmask canisters and helmets) and is seen on mess tins produced from their introduction in the 1930's through 1944.

Washing: Hand wash and air dry only. Do not put in a dishwasher.