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M31 Breadbag
M31 Breadbag

: $39.99

Product Description
New, reproduction M31 Breadbag.

The color of the linen canvas is olive. It is color-matched to original, unissued fabric, not a photo or a reproduction.
Our leather parts are not machine-sewn with lightweight garment thread as are nearly all other reproductions. We use the correct, heavy 4 and 5 strand linen cord. The hardware is exact reproduction. The D-rings are the correct size, the center hook is an exact reproduction, and the buttons are 3-hole dished steel. No cheesy O-rings or hand forged center hooks.

I also incorporated one detail that you will appreciate. I made sure to use thin leather on the small inside straps used to hold the flap closed. The Asian copies sold by everyone else use nice thick stuff here- making it impossible to push the button through the tab to secure the flap, (unless you use pliers). If you have used a breadbag before, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.