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Hi-Power Holster, Brown
Hi-Power Holster, Brown

: $34.99


Product Description
Holster for the Browning Hi-Power 9mm pistols. Brown leather, with a single, wide loop on the back to allow it to be worn on belts up to 1.75 inches wide. The pattern for these was made from an original holster. Marked "clg 43" (Ernst Melzig Lederwaren, Liegnitz).
This firm made these holsters during the War, but did not mark them with WaA for some reason.

What is a Browing Hi-Power? It's a 9mm automatic made by the FN plant in Belgium. The Germans had FN continue production during the War. We are finding it necessary and helpful to put photos of the weapon concerned in holster listings now.


WARNING: Despite the the similarity, M1911 pistols will NOT fit in these. Yes, I tried it. Not even close.