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MP44 Pouches
MP44 Pouches

: $79.99

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Reproduction of the magazine pouches issued to troops armed with the Maschinenkarabiner rifles- better known as the Mkb42, MP43, MP44, and, STG44 ("Sturmgewehr"). They are a copy of one of the more common variants of this pouch.

Our pouches are made from khaki cotton canvas, brown leather fittings, and steel hardware. The leather parts are all correctly hand stitched with heavy waxed linen cord- the rest is machine sewn with cotton thread. Yes, originals of this type normally have red lines somewhere woven in the fabric, but not always. To have such fabric (with woven lines) made is possible (as on our Texled pouches) but it would increase the cost substantially.

These are the best reproduction MP44 pouches available for the price. They are historically accurate, and will not ruin an otherwise realistic photo the way that most of the other reproductions do.

The original pair we copied.
Most other reproduction MP44 pouches on the market are utter abominations that bear only a cursory resemblance to the originals. By comparison, ours are actually patterned from original pouches rather than other reproductions or postwar Yugoslavian models. (The things with leather flaps were never made in WWII.) For photos of more original MP pouches go to FJM44's reference page here.

Fit: These are specifically made for the standard 30 round magazines used in all variations of the Mkb42, MP43, MP44 and STG44 as well as the VG 1-5 Volksgewehr.) Yes the aftermarket MP44 mags fit. We have heard of no problems with the .22 ATI GSG STG44 mags either although I do not have one to try.

No other magazines have worked- AR15 or AK47 magazines DO NOT fit.


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