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"Tropical" M31 Rucksack
"Tropical" M31 Rucksack

: $149.99

Shoulder Strap Type:

Product Description
"Field made" shoulder straps-
leather or web
2 internal pockets olive cotton drawcord maker marked hardware

New, imported version of the German "Tropical" M31 Rucksack, made with our patterns, webbing and hardware.

First off, these were not exclusively for "Tropical" use- they were issued and worn by German forces in all theaters during WWII. We use the term "Tropical" simply because it's in common use due to any field gear with web straps (instead of leather) having been declared for use in North Africa or "Southern front" use by reenactors and collectors with overactive imaginations.

These are in no way related to reproductions sold elsewhere that feature rock hard canvas in comical colors, hardware that looks like it was made with a hammer, copper rivets and whacky webbing in equally bizarre colors. Our rucks look like originals.

To create these packs we had to have the correct hardware custom made, contract the German pattern webbing and canvas, then ship it all to a another company for assembly due to the immense amount of hand sewing. Even the olive green drawcord around the top had to be specially made as nothing like it exists off-the-shelf.

Hand sewing? Yes. These are made just like the WWII packs- nearly all of the sewing on the web strapping is done by hand with heavy linen cord. The machine sewn areas are stitched with cotton thread.

We include a pair of web or leather shoulder straps- even though these were designed to be worn with the Y-straps. They may be deleted for a credit.


Shoulder Straps:
These packs were designed to be worn with the Y-straps- there were no purpose made factory shoulder straps. However, the troops in the field often had other ideas and innumerable variations of "field made" shoulder straps were made by unit cobblers and repair shops. These ran the gamut from converted Y-straps (web or leather), semi-professional looking creations made from any and every type of webbing available, to truly improvised "things". We offer web or leather variations, both copied from samples found attached to original rucksacks. Below are some of the authentic examples we've encountered over the years.

Exclusively an ATF product:
These M31 Rucksacks are exclusive to ATF. There are other companies that offer reproduction German rucksacks, but they are not the same product.

Washing Instructions: DO NOT WASH RUCKSACKS! If it gets muddy, spray it off with a hose or let the mud dry and then brush it off. If you use a washer or God forbid a dryer- the leather parts will fossilize and shrivel.

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