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M40 Y-Straps
M40 Y-Straps

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Product Description

Standard combat suspenders worn by German troops in WWII. Although introduced in 1939, the "Koppeltragegestell für Infanterie" didn't become commonplace until 1941. Although the design remained the same, there were several minor design changes implemented during the course of the War. Early straps had aluminum hardware which was switched to steel during 1940. Sometime in 1942-43 the adjustment method for auxiliary straps was changed from a stud to a slide, and the rivet cover stitching was simplified. There were also a number of manufacturer differences in the size and type of D-rings and hooks used.

The "M40" Y-straps are the earlier style. "M40" is NOT a WWII German designation- we created it simply to easily identify this style, and 1940 is the year originals of this style first appear. These have rivet covers sewn with a hidden stitch and the auxiliary straps are adjusted with a stud. These were worn until the end of the War along with the other variations.

Our Y-straps are made directly from originals, and every aspect is correctly duplicated.

Size: These work well for people up to 6ft in height. We now offer a "long" version for taller people.

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