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Zeltbahn Tent Package
Zeltbahn Tent Package

: $599.99

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Product Description
Blurred edge browns Polyspot in December Oakleaf and Overprint Splinter dark side
Blurred Edge Spring side Polyspot Spring colors Oakleaf green shades Blurred & Oak mix & match
Oakleaf and Blurred Edge Splinter good & dark sides Many, many spots Light vs. dark
Set of 4 (four) At the Front reproduction Zeltbahnen to make the basic pyramid tent. Choose the camouflage pattern(s) in the options boxes. Our Zelts are the only reproductions that are actually water-repellent, and our camouflage patterns are identical to those used in WWII- no added or truncated artwork. (For an explantion of "seconds" see belwo.)

Reproduction of the shelter quarters used the Heer (Army), Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine, and WS. The Zeltbahn could be worn as a poncho, used individually as a ground sheet to make a lean-to, or, most often, four were buttoned together to make a pyramid tent. However, they were made in a such a way that literally any number could be combined to make larger and larger tents. Yes, German troops in WWII frequently combined Zeltbahns of different camouflage patterns when they assembled their tents- they were real soldiers- not reenactors.

Each soldier was issued one Zeltbahn, but it's not difficult to find period photos where it'd obvious that the troops often "acquired" one or two extra.

These are NOT the same as zelts sold by any other vendor in the universe!
Our Zeltbahns are exclusive to ATF. We have spent over 5 years working with our overseas contractor to develop zelts that look and perform like the real things. These are Teflon treated and are as water repellent as cotton can be.

Grommets are not rated for gale force winds. Each year, someone leaves their tent up in some sort of monsoon or hurricane which can bend the grommets. We can usually repair storm damage, but originals would not hold up under those conditions either, so it is not "under warranty".

Why Seconds?
How they should be... ...and what they did
Seconds? The majority of our Splinter Zelts had the buttons located in the correct locations. However, a few Splinter, and all other pattern Zelts are technically "seconds" due to the manufacturer having sewn the buttons on the side panels beside the reinforcing strips rather than on them. They can be buttoned together no problem, but we received a discount for their error and passed it on. Also, the button sewing is equivalent to other reproductions- some Zelts are fine, others have a few loose ones. The cart allows one to mix & match four shelter quarters.


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