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Blurred Edge M42 Camo Cap
Blurred Edge M42 Camo Cap

: $49.99

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Product Description
Reproduction of the M42 reversible camouflage caps worn in WWII. Our caps are made from our new custom woven 100% cotton poplin camouflage fabric, and the pattern and colors were taken directly from original examples. The cap design is likewise made from the real thing and our visor inserts are not cardboard or plastic but treated split leather, again, same as originals.

The reason our camo caps look different than the other reproductions is due to a minor pattern change- I discovered the "secret" to the peak several years ago when I obtained a dogged out original and dis-assembled it. A one centimeter alteration made all the difference in how the cap looks and the forms.

These caps are sewn here in our shop due to the inability of the overseas manufacturers not to screw things up- caps are a perpetual problem. This increased the cost, but we can carefully inspect, measure and size them to insure correct fit.

About original camo caps.

Assembled in USA
from imported fabric