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M43 Plane Tree Helmet Cover
M43 Plane Tree Helmet Cover

: $69.99

M43 Plane Tree Helmet Cover Size*:

Product Description
Reproduction WWII German Helmet Cover in Plane Tree 1-2 camouflage in the late War M43 pattern- which is the same as the M40 with the addition of 12 loops to allow the wearer to attach foliage. These aren't commonly seen in period photos until 1944.

Our camouflage is exclusive to us, and is the result of 4 years of work. The custom made fabric is the same tightly woven, fine yarn of the WWII cloth. Our camo patterns and colors came from multiple original samples and we had several, slightly different shades printed to mimic the look of authentic garments.

Our anodized aluminum rocker clips were made directly from an original sample, and are literally identical. (This is one of the key ways to identify authentic covers.) Several WWII covers are on hand for pattern and assembly reference at all times.

We assemble the covers with one or more of the small parts from another shade or pattern camo to more closely replicate the traits of the originals. These covers are assembled here in our shop and all are inspected and test fitted to original helmet shells to insure proper fit. We opted not to have them sewn overseas due to the fact that there are at least a dozen ways to jack up a cover to the point it won't fit on anything.

Sizes: Originals came in three sizes, numbered 1-3. We offer only 2 and 3 since size 1 is tiny and the demand is nil.
Size 2: Will fit original shells in sizes 62 or 64. It also works well on the reproduction M42's we sell.
Size 3: Works well on original size 66, 68 and 70 shells. They will likely fit the IMA and Reddick 68 shells (which are larger than originals.)

Note! We cannot guarantee that they will have a number printed on them, nor a certain part of the camo pattern anywhere. We cut them like originals and they land on the pattern where they land.

Assembled in USA
with imported fabric