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M40 5/6 Planetree Helmet Cover
M40 5/6 Planetree Helmet Cover

: $59.99

M40 5/6 Planetree Helmet Cover Size*:

Product Description
Reproduction of the "Planetree 5-6" pattern helmet covers issued to WSS units throughout WWII. Made us in our shop in Columbia Ky, the design was taken directly from my originals. These fit and look like authentic pieces- not deformed shower caps like many reproductions.

The Planetree 5-6 pattern was one of the three large hand screen printed designs, and it was produced from the late 1930's until nearly the end of the War. Although not apparent on something as small as a helmet cover, our reproduction of this pattern is full sized and correct spot for spot.

Assembled like originals with multiple shades of camouflage. Some of the small pieces may be other patterns entirely.
Numbers: One of the most notable characteristics of this pattern are the numbers- on alternating corners of the design is a 5 or a 6. However, there are only two numbers per every 7 feet of fabric- that's how enormous this camouflage pattern is. This means that only one of every 6 or 8 covers (or caps) will have a digit. (More than one is also possible, but unlikely.) There is no way we can guarantee the presence of a number on a given item. This also holds true for cut lines, register marks, and other specific areas of the camouflage pattern.

Clips: Our rocker clips were made from an original, and are identical in size and thickness. They are anodized aluminum, but we were unable to duplicate the peculiar plum color often encountered on the WWII examples. These are solid black (which is also "correct").

Size 2 fits shell sizes 62 or 64.
Size 3 fits shell sizes 66,68 or 70.

Assembled in USA with imported Fabric.