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German Ear Muffs, Fieldgray
German Ear Muffs, Fieldgray

: $14.99


Product Description
Integral ear muffs designed for the M43 Einheitsfeldmutzen. Yes, these are what those little loops on the flaps are for that everyone wonders about. Simple, wool ear warmers with twill tape tie. They can be worn alone or under other caps by tying the tapes. If you wear the flaps down on the M43 cap, the ends will fit through the loops at the edge of the flap to keep it from sliding around. To fold the flaps up, you will have to remove the ear muffs from the loops.
See pic above for "installation" instructions.
Weenie Warning: We do not offer these in every shade of fieldgray to guarantee a match for "your" cap. Originals come in every shade imaginable. We are using scraps and the unused edges of the spread when we cut caps to make these, so they will vary- just like the real ones. Plus, the twill tape is original. So just enjoy the authenticity and don't get silly over these. Thanks.

Made in USA.