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Splinter Helmet Cover
Splinter Helmet Cover

: $29.99


Product Description

Compared to the original

Reproduction of the Splinter Camouflage helmet covers issued to troops of the German Heer (Army). These covers are made from fine line cotton twill, like originals, and reverse to white. They are affixed the helmet by means of a simple draw cord around the rim. Patterned directly from an original cover.

Note about originals: The "raindrops" can run either vertically or horizontally. Both are correct- it simply depends on how the pattern was laid on the fabric.

Fit: These will fit original WWII shells up to 68cm. They also fit the common Chinese made reproduction M35, M40 and M42 shells. However, some of the reproduction helmets made by IMA are 2cm taller than originals and are too tall for these cover. (They have had several batches and they vary in size.) We do not offer custom covers for odd size reproductions.