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German Helmet Liner
German Helmet Liner

: $59.99

Liner Sizes*:

Product Description

The best replacement liner available. The steel bands and leather are professionally manufactured in Europe, exactly like the originals, including the maker, size and date stamp. They come completely assembled, ready to install.

Chinstrap & split pins not included.

"Band Size" refers to the measure of the steel bands that frame the liner and dictate which size helmet shell the assembly will fit.

"Liner Size" is the size of the liner. To select a liner, you must first determine what size your helmet shell is. Then, locate that on the chart, then see if the liner size will fit your head. If it won't, then you need a different helmet. A different liner will fit your head perhaps, but it won't fit in your helmet.

Band Size/ Liner Size

WARNING! Many (if not most) of the cheap Chinese repro helmets do not have the shell size stamped in the rim. Worse still, those that do are usually inaccurate. Your best bet with those things is to stick with the liner that came in them as these may not fit.

Number 2: These do NOT fit Spanish helmets. Period.