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Helmet Split Pin Set
Helmet Split Pin Set

: $9.99


Product Description
Set of 3 (steel), split pins and slotted washers. These are contracted for ATF directly with the factory. Unlike previous reproductions, these are a perfect copy of original pins. The head of the old reproductions had a thick edge and a flat head. They could be distinguished by educated collectors when used to restore original helmets. These are flawless. Maker marked "D&C 1941". (Yes, that is an original WWII maker)

Set of 3

NOTE #1. We know that the date being 1941 may cause some stress for those with earlier helmets. We do not have a date selection. Once in your helmet, they are not visible anyway.

NOTE #2. Many of the pins have very slight corrosion: they look old. Painting them will cover it up.