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German M35 Aluminum Liner
German M35 Aluminum Liner

: $69.99

M35 Aluminum Liner Size*:

Product Description
European made reproduction of the liners used in the early M35 German steel helmets. These differ from those made during the War in that the bands are made from aluminum to save weight on the wearer's head. Once WWII began, aluminum was no longer allocated for headgear and fieldgear due to the immense needs of the aircraft industry for the metal. The earliest versions tended to crack at the sides, so reinforcements were riveted in to prevent this. Our liners have the reinforcements.

These liners are exactly like the originals, down to the markings, calf skin leather, and felt padding. These will only fit well in original shells. Despite all the claims of "just like WWII", all of the reproductions skew in their measurements making original liners either too tight or far too loose. These are for replacing missing parts in WWII M35 shells.

These do NOT fit Spanish helmets. Period.