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Reproduction German M35 Helmet
Reproduction German M35 Helmet

: $89.99


Product Description

The M35 was the standard issue German helmet up until the battle of France in 1940. Initially painted "apple green" at the factory, many of the helmets were refurbished in a duller fieldgray during the War. They were used until the end of the conflict. All branches of the German military used M35 helmets.

These reproduction M35 German helmets are decent quality with a very reasonable price. New for 2019, the color is now correct- we had the paint made for the factory to match one of my original helmets and they really got it right. Our helmets are a flat, dark fieldgray- not shiny blue, black, tan or teal like everyone else's.

The weight and thickness of the shell is similar to originals, the leather appears to be calfskin, and the chinstraps a nice.
All shells are "size 68" with a large 61 liner. No other sizes.

1. Color: No need to repaint these- they are correct right out of the box.
2. Size: The liners are all large (61cm). There is no way to adjust them.
3. The shell actually measures 69cm inside- if you want to put them European made (or original) liners in them, you'll need washers on the pins to keep it tight.
4. WS Helmet Covers: Our size 3 fits.
5. Perfection: Most of these have a small chip or two in the paint. This does not constitute a defect.

Our helmets are NOT modern day DOT certified