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Smock Cords
Smock Cords

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Product Description

Comparison with an original cord.
Yes, these are both original smocks.

Finally we have perfected one of the Holy Grails of camo- the blasted smock drawcords. This mundane, tubular rayon cord can be one of the most difficult things to find if you have an original smock that's missing it. This material was exclusive to WWII smocks and is occasionally found in the hood of "Kharkov" fur lined parkas. To get it made, we sent a damaged original to the webbing company and did some finger crossing. After three tries, they finally got it right.

Cords are cut about 60" long. (Most originals are about 50".) Thread it through the smock eyelets, then knot the loose ends to prevent fraying and help keep them from sliding back out. They will, but not so easily as without the knots.

: These cords came in a range of colors- the one we sent was dark field gray (it's gone) and the closest I have on hand is shown in the comparison picture. Authentic cords are found in field grays, olives, browns and black.

Authenticity? Yes, this is what real smocks were fitted with at the factory. Many enthusiasts insist that German troopers would only have used black leather or a heavier cord- and undoubtedly some soldiers did use other laces or cords for one reason or another. But this is what smocks were issued with and we're the first company to truly nail these dead on.