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Original Gamaschen Leather Parts
Original Gamaschen Leather Parts
Leggings not included

: $9.99


Product Description

Original WW2 leather parts for Gamaschen. A few years ago we acquired a case of unfinished original leggings- and later a box of the leather parts for them turned up. These are factory parts, die punched and in new condition. All are light tan. Each set consists of 4 straps, and 8 buckle retainers. Why the uneven numbers? One, we have a lot more of the latter part, and two, sometimes they crack when they are folded over. (Unused but still 70 years old.)

We do not have the loops- those were missing. Assuming anyone using these does leather work, the absent parts are 1cm x 5cm in size, and oiled natural leather will come out very close in color.

Imperfections: (This warning always necessary for the sensitive types). These are real, actual WWII parts- these are what was really used. A very few have markings on the back- the logo of the leather company or occasionally part of an RB number. Others have some sort of blemish, perhaps an incompletely cut hole or a dark spot, and many are slightly lighter or darker in color than one another. They are the real deal and it gets no more authentic than these.

Yes, they can be dyed black.

Sold as-is: Again, 80 year old leather isn't as good as new. I have used some and most worked fine, while a few cracked, usually the buckle retainer was the offender- hence the double supply. Thus these have no warranty.