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Grossdeutschland EM Shoulder Boards
Grossdeutschland EM Shoulder Boards

: $19.99

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Product Description

Shoulderboards for troops of the Grossdeutschland Panzer Division.
We have several branch colors (Waffenfarbe). Some are available in "Early War" (bottle green board) and/ or "Mid-War" (field gray board) patterns. The Panzer and Panzer Recon boards are black.

NCO Ranks: If you want NCO shoulderboards, then choose the rank and we will sewn on the appropriate Tresse and add rank pips if necessary.

GD Waffenfarbe Available:
Artillerie (artillery) - Red (late War only)
Aufklärungs (reconnaissance) - Yellow (early War only)
Infanterie (infantry/grenadier) - White
Feldgendarmerie (field police) - Orange
Panzer (armor crew) - Pink (black backing)
Panzer-Aufklärungs (armored reconnaissance) - Yellow (black backing)
Sanitäter/Artz (medic/doctor) - Cornflower Blue