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Heer NCO Insignia Set
Heer NCO Insignia Set


: $49.99

Choose Litzen

Choose Shoulderboards

Choose Breast Eagle

Choose Heer NCO Rank*:

Tresse Color:

Product Description
Mid-war Set

Basic insignia for German Army (Heer) NCO's tunics.

1. Choose Litzen (collar tabs). The models with the specific Waffenfarbe tended to be more common early in the War. By 1941, most tunics had "generic" collar tabs. The "mouse gray" generics appeared sometime in 1942-43.

2. "Early war" and "Mid War" denote the color of the wool on the shoulderboards- early being bottle green, and Mid-War are field gray. Choose the Waffenfarbe to appropriate for the branch of service you want.

3. Choose Breast eagle.
We gave the breast eagles "model numbers" simply because it was easier than "light gray on fieldgray background" etc, etc. All models appeared fairly early in the War. The M43 BeVo eagle is by far the most common style of breast eagle seen.

4. Upgrade Rank? If you want standard enlisted man's (private) select "no". For Oberschutz, Gefreiter and Obergefreiter we include the correct pip or chevron. For NCO's (Unteroffizier and higher) we add the Tresse (and pips if required) to the shoulder boards and supply you with 1 yard of Tresse for you your collar.

Tresse colors: We use silver Tresse on "Early War" shoulderboards and Grey subdued Tresse on "Mid War" shoulderboards.

What's correct?
By 1943...anything! M44 tunics could have M36 breast eagles and Litzen with Waffenfarbe. M36 tunics could have gray generic Litzen and field gray shoulderboards. All soldiers were issued needles and thread and they used often put them to use. There is no concise right and wrong.

What's typical?
M36 Tunics: M36 eagle, Early War shoulderboards, any Litzen except the gray generic.
M40 Tunics: M36, M40 or M43 eagle, any shoulderboards, any Litzen.
M42/43 Tunics: M43 eagle, mid-war shoulder boards, generic Litzen.
M44 Tunics: M43 or M44 eagle, mid-war shoulderboards, gray generic Litzen