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Rank Tresse, 1 foot
Rank Tresse, 1 foot

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The Germans used a flat 8mm trim to denote NCO ranks. Tresse came in 3 colors and 2 patterns. Like all things German, none of them were always used for what they were intended. Early in the War, silver aluminum Tresse was used for all troops. However, due to it's visual prominence, gray and tan subdued versions were quickly introduced.

A collar require 3ft. Shoulder-boards Sr. NCO rank require about 24'' for both boards.

Colors: Original gray Tresse ranges from light gray, to nearly a gun metal gray and while some is bluish. The tan varies from gold to pale yellow. Ours are the colors shown. If you prefer another shade, then you will have to buy it somewhere else.

Luftwaffe vs. Heer Pattern: The Heer Tresse has a diamond pattern in the center while the Luftwaffe has a checkerboard. However, I have original Heer shoulderboards with Luftwaffe Tresse and original Luftwaffe shoulderboards with Heer/ WS pattern Tresse. The Germans obviously didn't care as much as reenactors. Perhaps they had more pressing concerns...