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Original P38 Holsters
Original P38 Holsters

: $149.99

Product Description

Unissued, original WWII German P38 "soft shell" holsters. These are about as nice as anything from WWII can come- totally unused, the flaps have never even been closed. All are from the same maker RB 0/0833/0007, (Hans Römer, Neu Ulm) same production batch. There is no date, just WA and RB number. And yes, they are absolutely original.

Discriminating collectors notes:

1. I have checked several with my P38 pistol and spare magazine. All fit, some went right in and closed easily, but one or two needed to have the pistol twisted back and forth a bit the first time. Likewise, the spare magazine pouch can be a bit snug at first- but this is a trait common to all leather holsters.

2. These are mass produced- the things that I find intriguing such as dye drips, guide holes and pencil marks can offend those less in tune with how these were made. Many of these have parts made with belly leather, a few have nicks, tool marks and so forth. This is real history, and totally authentic.

Use? These are in excellent condition, but they are 70+ years old. I'll predict they will work fine for light/ normal carry. Actual "field use" might risk damage to the belt loops or flap closure. Might. The leather is in near perfect condition, but it is still old.

Care: If you feel you must oil or treat them, stick to the beeswax based products like Sno-seal or Huberd's.