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German Wallet
German Wallet

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Product Description
Ever seen a reproduction WWII German wallet? They're usually utter abominations- hard as a rock, dyed horrid colors, and often stink. Not these. Last year I was digging around in one of my original map cases and found the soldier's wallet and other effects buried in the back compartment. (Gefr. Josef Falge had 450 marks in his wallet- not sure what he was dealing.)

After emailing several contractors, one said "no sweat" and off it went. I made clear that I did not want any skanky water buffalo hockey pucks. Distracted by more prescient matters, I soon forgot about this project- until a package arrived a few weeks later. At first, I thought they had returned my original wallet- I contacted them to ask if it wasn't something they could do. Their answer confirmed just how special I am. In may hand was not the original, but a new sample.

I know this isn't a top shelf, high demand item, but holy crap they did a great job. These are a high quality leather wallet as one would find at a quality men's clothing shop; they're soft, nicely sewn, and even smell good. Everyone who has fondled one has wanted one to use.

Typical fit. Show in an original
pair of Keilhosen. Of 10 original
trousers I tried, only one had
a rear pocket deep enough to
allow the button to be secured.
Size: Closed, the wallets measure 11.5cm x 16cm (about 4.5 x 6.25 inches) which means they leave about an inch sticking out of most modern back pockets. As for WWII...I tried them in ten pairs of various original trousers (M37, Keilhosen, Reed Green and "44 Dot") and only one* had a pocket deep enough to allow one to button it closed with the wallet in it. So, neither your repro pants or these wallets are sized incorrectly- it's just how they were. These are likewise too tall (and sometimes too wide) for the breast pockets of most Feldblusen.

*It was a pair of Heer Keilhosen- one of 5 pairs test fitted.