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Product Description

When worn with the collar closed,
the collarbind ends are crossed
and buttoned. Only the 3 center
buttons on the tunic collar are used
After the collarbind is buttoned
closed, then the tunic collar
is buttoned and hooked.
When the collar is worn open,
the ends of the collarbind can
be fastened to the buttons
inside the placket. However, the
ends were often simply left hanging.

Exact copy of the WWII German tunic Kragenbinde- standard issue for all troops. These are what those mysterious buttons in the collars are for. (You may have to reposition the buttons in your tunic collar as they always seem to vary.)
Note: Other than the "M36", SS tunics did not come with buttons for these from the factory- exactly why is unknown. Although Kragenbinde were issued to SS troops, and they appear in original photos, it's quite common to see them wearing their collars open, without collarbinds. Heer troops nearly always have them.
Many shoppers have a misconception about these, when you get one you chose by your neck size, then you may need to move the buttons on your tunic collar so they match up.