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Internal Suspenders
Internal Suspenders

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Product Description
ATF internal suspenders Shown in a "short" size
tunic (orignal)
The WWII German Feldblusen was designed to use an internal suspension system. It had two web suspenders, 1 meter long, with 15 holes on each. These straps where then fitted through slits in the tunic lining and metal wire belt hooks were placed through the appropriate holes in the straps and then through the sewn eyelets in the tunic body. The hooks supported the service belt and field equipment, distributing the weight to the shoulders.

Like many Germanic designs, this system proved to be over-engineered and impractical. By 1939, Y-straps had been introduced to support the field gear externally, and the internal suspenders were phased out of production by 1942. These will work in M33, M34, M36, M37, M40 and M41 Feldblusen. These will not fit in M42, M43 or 44 tunics because they do not have the provisions for them.

Our suspenders are good quality reproductions made from gray cotton canvas. Like originals, these are 1 meter in length and will just fit the "long" size Feldblusen.

Yes, these will work in original tunics as well as reproductions with the correct provisions. (Some repros are poorly patterned and the slits in the lining don't align with the belt hook holes.)

FYI: Our suspenders are straight- so were originals. If you've seen curved ones, that's what happens after they are worn, and sweated all over for weeks on end.

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