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Internal Suspenders
Internal Suspenders

: $14.99

Product Description

Used on M36 and M40 Tunics. (These will not work in M43 tunics.) As designed in the early 1930's, the German tunics used an internal suspension system with belt hooks to support the field gear. By 1940, this arrangement was deemed impractical and Y-straps were introduced to replace it. This is still the easiest was to use belt hooks with the M36 and M40 tunics and was used until the end of the War. Our suspenders are good quality reproductions made from gray cotton canvas. They are long for customers up to 6'4". They measure approx 47'' long end to end.
FYI: Our suspenders are straight- so were originals. If you've seen curved ones, that's what happens after they are worn, and sweated all over for weeks on end.