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Kragenbinde, Black
Kragenbinde, Black

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Kragenbinde, black size*:

Product Description

Reproduction of the Kragenbinde (collar liner) worn in the necks of German Feldblusen during WWII. These were designed to both protect the collar from wear and sweat as well as the soldier's neck from the coarse wool of the collar.

The Kragenbinde were standard issue, and came in a variety lengths to fit different neck sizes. Made in the millions, the their design was fairly standard, but they were made in a wide variety of fabrics and colors.

Wear: From searching period photos, it appears that they were commonly worn in garrison or for parade/ walk out duty, but in the field there were other options. Many troops wore their shirt collars over the tunic collar, or employed some sort of scarf. In most cases, one can't really whether or not there's anything inside the tunic collar.

Black Kragenbinde: Although there is little published information on these, it's evident that the white versions presented a problem for concealment. One ends up with a white ring around their neck, especially if the tunic collar is open- a common condition in the field. Numerous original examples of all black collar binds exists- both factory made as well as regular models that have been over dyed. It's likely that this was done with the obvious goal of making less visible in combat.

Original examples can be found with all manner of lining fabrics and colors (including white) for the backing, countless types of buttons, as well as all black types.

Sizing: The size (40, 42, etc) is the measure in cm of the Kragenbinde when it is buttoned closed.

Fit: The center 3 buttons on our Kragenbinden all have the same spacing regardless of neck size, just like originals. Our newest tunics will match up to those, but one may need to move the buttons to fit these in most other reproductions.

Care: These are 100% cotton, and can be washed in a machine- but hand wash and air dry is best.