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M44 Trouser Belt
M44 Trouser Belt

: $19.99

M44 Trouser Belt Size*:

Product Description
The German military used several styles of trouser belt. Initially encountered in several styles on tropical uniforms, this is the pattern was later issued with the M44 "Rundbundhosen" Trousers. Originals were made in various shades of white, gray, olive, or tan. Our belts are khaki-tan, with correct 3-prong hooks. We chose the name "M44" simply to identify it- originals are not dated and were probably made sooner than 1944.

Note: To set the belt, it may be easier to poke the holes for the prongs with an awl or ice-pic. Also, the belt may eventually fray around the holes- we copied the original, faults and all, so any complaints concerning such issues should be addressed to the Heeresbekleidungsamt, not us.
Yes these are 5'' longer than marked size.

Made in USA