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German Grey Cotton Service Shirt
German Grey Cotton Service Shirt
Model is 6'6" wearing a size 3

: $64.99

German Gray Cotton Shirt Size*:

Product Description
German WWII gray cotton service shirt. The German military issued a rather wide variety of undershirts during the War- fabrics ranged from cotton, wool or rayon knits, to "aertex", to various weights of cotton and cotton/ rayon twills and poplins. Likewise, the colors varied from white, gray, fieldgray and numerous shades of green.

This is a reproduction of the variant most popular for Living History- the mouse gray cotton shirt. They're the sharpest in appearance, wash and wear better than the knit versions and are far more comfortable than aertex or wool flannel.

These are similar in pattern to the shirts issued to the Afrika Korps and troops fighting on the southern fronts. Shoulderboard loops are provided, but not buttons. This is because most troops did not wear shoulderboards, but adding the button in order to do so is simple.

Shirt Sizing:
The sizes run as follows:
Size I = 15" neck (S)
Size II = 16" neck (M)
Size III = 17" neck (L)
Size IV = 18" neck (XL)
Size V = 20" neck (XXL)

Shirt Insignia?
Plain (no insignia) is most typical, but shoulderboards and sleeve or breast eagles are sometimes seen in period photos, but it's rare.