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German Trikot Shirt
German Trikot Shirt
Model is 5'11", 170lbs, wearing a size 2

: $64.99

Trikot Shirt Size:

Product Description
During WWII, the German military issued a variety of service shirts for troops to wear underneath their Feldblusen. All were of the "sleep shirt" design, characterized by a very long body length that reached the knees, with the majority being a pullover design. This was done for comfort and insulation, and there is no way these will come untucked from one's trousers. The color, fabric and details varied widely on the shirts. Many had breast pockets, others did not.

These are reproductions of the variant without pockets, made from "Trikot" cloth. This fabric is similar to a mid to heavy weight flannel. It typically comes in a medium/ dark gray heather color and these shirts came both with and without pockets. The WWII cloth is made up of three materials- linen, rayon and cotton. We were unable to obtain such a fabric, so the manufacturer imitated the weave and color using 100% cotton.

This is the most comfortable of all our shirts. This a great cool or cold weather outdoor shirt. The fabric is relatively thick, and the long tail means no chilly breeze sneaks up one's back.

With or without pockets? Both are correct. We have never found any rhyme or reason to this variation. If the authenticity officer claims the 69th Bumsenhassen Battalion only wore shirts with pockets, he must be right.

Buttons: Most originals use pressed-paper buttons, with a few having horn or plastic types instead. I have hunted for a company to reproduce the "paper" (it may actually be pressed cotton) buttons since 1998 and no luck. So, we had to go with the plastic type.

Sizing: We made these like the WWII shirts- which came in sizes 1-4, and we added a size 5. The neck size equivalents are:
Size 1 = 15"
Size 2 = 16"
Size 3 = 17"
Size 4 = 18"
Size 5 = 20"

Care: Cold wash hang dry. Shrinkage is about 1.5" in the sleeve and body length.