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SS Keilhosen
SS Keilhosen

: $159.99

SS Keilhosen Size*:

Product Description
Reproduction of the wool service trousers worn by the Waffen SS in the latter stages of WWII. Made from the same fieldgray uniform cloth as the Feldblusen, and greatcoats, these trousers were the standard issue garments for all members of the organization, and were worn both in and out of the field.

Like tunics, the Waffen SS had slightly different specifications for their trousers than the Army. Compared to those of the Heer, these trousers have a lower rise, the seat reinforcement has finished edges and the hip pocket openings are less angled. These trousers are also typically marked on the rear of the waistband rather than on the front right. In lieu of RB numbers, SS contractors often used their own codes- in this case it's "910".
Comparison of originals:
SS (top) vs. Heer trousers.
The original trousers
we used for this design
Original interior
showing markings
Otherwise, these are similar to the Heer trousers. They have watch pocket with flap, belt loops, buttons in the waistband for suspenders, tapered ankles with ties and stirrups, button fly, one rear pocket, buttons to secure all pockets, and adjustment straps on the sides. Both Heer and SS pattern trousers were made in innumerable shades fieldgray, using a wide variety of lining fabrics and button types.

The term Keilhosen refers to the shape of the legs- they taper from the hips to the ankles, in contrast to the service trouser issued up until these were introduced. The reason for the tapered ankles was due to the switch from jackboots to ankle boots and leggings. All the services of the Wehrmacht (and the SS) began to produce their own versions of these trousers in late 1942 and early 1943.

ATF Trousers: In order to to keep the price out of the stratosphere, we used our overseas contractor to whom we supplied our own patterns that we developed years ago from my original trousers. The 100% wool cloth is as heavy as that used on the originals- 500 grams per meter. The color is a grayer shade as is more typical of mid-late War German uniforms. Lining is 100% cotton twill, and all buttons and slides are copied from the original. The size and maker stamps are duplicated from my original trousers and the measures are correct for WSS trousers.

Care: Dry clean is best. One can also hand wash them in cold and hang dry. Washing machines and or dryers will damage the garment! We will not accept any washed trousers for return or exchange.

Sizing: These are sized like BDU's and the waist can be tightened via two small straps on either side.

Inseams: All are 31". We do not have a selection of different lengths.

Cut: These have a full (baggy) seat and thighs which gives the wearer excellent freedom of movement. Ankles are tapered with ties and stirrups at the cuffs. These are in no way "sexy pants".


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