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German Stone Gray Trousers
German Stone Gray Trousers

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Product Description

Reproduction WWII German "stone gray" service trousers. In 1933 when the then new field uniform was issued, the Wehrmacht specified "Steingrau" (Stonegray) as the color for trousers, while the Tunics, caps and overcoats were Feldgrau. In 1939 or 1940, the trousers were switched to fieldgray to simplify production. Stonegray fabric was used until exhausted which resulted in original examples exist that were made as late as 1942. These trousers were used for the entire War.

The trousers are nearly identical to those issued in the First World War. They are a straight leg design, with a high waist, full seat and thighs, button fly, watch pocket and suspender attachment points. As with our Feldblusen, these were patterned from several original WWII examples.

100% wool shell, 100% cotton lining.

Inseams are 34" (86cm). These are a straight leg design, so hemming them is very simple if needed.

Dry Clean only!