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Romanian 8mm Mauser Ammo, 380rd Can
Romanian 8mm Mauser Ammo, 380rd Can

: $265.00


Product Description
380 rounds of Romanian military 8mm Mauser ammunition (7.92 x 57mm) from the 1970's, lacquered steel case, steel core FMJ bullet. The ammo is in a sealed tin, packaged in 20rd carboard boxes. The quality is close to that of the German made ammunition, and it's consistent and works very well in all 7.92mm weapons including MG34 and MG42.

It is corrosive so weapons will need to cleaned well after use.

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Yes! This is LIVE ammunition and it is NOT for reenactments. (First question...holy chit.)

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The price works out to .70 per round. Even once shipping is added, we're still .03-.05 cheaper per round than any advertised elsewhere. (Making one item free shipping on our website is a nightmare, so that's why we did it this way.)

Opening tools: We have half as many opening tools as cans, so many will not come with one. (There are a few interesting videos on Youtube showing how to get into them without the original tool. Here's one.) For those who purchase two or more cans, we'll try to make sure a tool is included.

No, we aren't getting into the ammo business. I simply have far more than I'll ever use so I'm selling some off.

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