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Replica "Geballte Ladung"
Replica "Geballte Ladung"

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Product Description
German troops (during both World Wars) sometimes modified their grenades for bigger bangs- especially when combating enemy armor or fortifications. This was done by attaching 6 more warheads to the standard M24 grenade and was referred to as a geballte Ladung (concentrated charge). This was most often done by using cord or metal wire to hold them onto the center warhead.

We have taken our replica M24's and done the same using steel wire.

1. We do not guarantee any of the heads will have the sexy German words on them- the stenciling was discontinued in 1940, so it's the less commonly seen as the War went on.

2. Heads will have scratches in the paint, perhaps a ding or a bit of rust. Wiring them up invariably dings the paint, and we're using heads from "seconds" to make these.

3. Despite having wired them up tightly, it is possible to screw these up. Throwing them or fiddling with the wire can lead to them coming apart- we do not warranty them.

Here is a secure link to Bergflak's article on these grenades in WWII.


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