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Texled K43 Rifle Sling
Texled K43 Rifle Sling

: $79.99


Product Description
Correctly marked K.43
and dkk 44
American leather, hand sewn
fittings, correct color
Exact reproduction steel slides Correct pattern stopper
Texled slings are the best quality possible- made with American veg tanned cowhide from Hermann Oak, exact reproduction hardware and saddle stitched with linen thread by hand like the originals. The light tan color typical of unissued WWII German leather gear, is achieved using custom mixed dye made for us by Fiebings.

K43 Slings: During WWII, the Germans made some slings specifically for the G/K43 semi automatic rifles. Originals are extremely rare today and it's more than likely that the standard Karabinerriemen were used most of the time. The only description of these is in the G/K43 reference book, "Hitler's Garands" by Darrin Weaver. (I have never actually handled an original.)

The distance between the sling slot in the stock and the loop on the barrel band is about 3.5 inches further on these rifles than it is on the K98 (and G41). So, we have added 7 inches in length to the sling, and marked them "K.43".

The author also mentions that the example seemed thicker than K98 slings, but my semi-experienced take on this is that they must have varied as did the K98 slings. Our slings always lean toward the thicker side of the parameters given in the Karabinerriemen specifications so we fit the bill regardless.

The one example in the book is made by Friedrich Offermann & Söhne Lederwarenfabrick in Bensberg, maker code "dkk". So, we marked them as such. There is no WA stamp because for some reason, original "dkk" slings were not marked with them.

Fit: These will work on G43, K43, G41, Mkb42, MP43, MP44, STG44, and K98 rifles. They will not work on AR15s, AK47s or Glocks.

Color: When new, German slings were a light tan color. This darkened with use and exposure to a dark, oily brown. Our slings are dyed (not painted) aniline leather and will darken easily the same way as those in WWII.

Care: Treat with mink or Neetfoots oil occasionally. Zero need for miracle rejuvenators, dressings, lotions, helpers, or any other sort of nonsense.

Size: 24mm wide x 140cm long. (1" x 55").

Made in USA