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Reproduction K98 Bayonet
Reproduction K98 Bayonet

: $69.99

Product Description

New, high quality reproduction German K98 Bayonet. This is the standard issue sidearm used throughout WWII. The fit & finish is better than our last run, the blades are nice and all the details are correct. They fit in the scabbards firmly, no rattles, and are overall probably the best reproduction we've ever seen. The markings are correct and perfectly done, and are as follows: serial 9767h, maker E.Pack & S, and WA259 on the hilt. These are correct for all WWII German troops to carry- these were standard issue for the entire German Armed Forces. Any soldier carrying a rifle was issued one.

Crazy as it may seem, we don't guarantee all of these to fit on the rifles. They are cast, not machined which means that the tolerances are not like originals. Most seem to fit on the lug, but several were not pleased with going over the cleaning rod. A bit of whittling with a drill press and they are usually ok. Simply be aware of this. We asked about having them machined and got the "ohhh- the price will go much higher" routine.

Interchange Guide: These are made to fit German K98 Mauser rifles. PERIOD. Several individuals have been very peeved that they weren't a "universal" bayonet- meaning, that they "snap on" to all other rifles, BB guns, squirt guns, nail guns or God knows what else. What amazing and marvelous things can be accomplished with a roll a duct tape we can only dream of...