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K98 Sling
K98 Sling

: $39.99

Product Description
Correct embossing, width,
and stopper
Steel slides are
exact reproduction
Push sling through
loop on rear barrel
Guide tip back
through the sling loop
Then through the
Push sling through
stock slot.
(Install retainer as

New, high quality ATF reproduction WWII German Karabinerriemen. The name literally translates to "Carbine Slings" as the newly introduced K98 rifle was a shortened version of the Gewehr (Rifle) Model 98. This same sling was used on all combat rifles fielded by Germany including G41, G43, K43, Mkb42, MP43, MP44, and STG44.

These are not sold by any other vendors- they are not the painted, stinky, piss-tanned treasures available from dozens of other companies. Our leather is properly dyed, takes oil well, and darkens quickly and easily. Our slings are the correct length (120cm), hand sewn, correct steel hardware, with cross-hatched embossing.


Markings: We stamp these with "adf 1943" and a Waffenamt. However, just like on originals, the markings can be difficult to see- and once the sling is used very much, they will largely become even more faint. It's simply a characteristic of the leather- not a mistake. One of the hardest things to find in collecting is an original WWII K98, MP40 or MG sling with nice, legible markings. Normally one is lucky to even be able to see where the stamps once were, much less be able to read them.

Returns for "better markings" will simply be a refund.

Care: Just use mink or neetsfoot oil. Apply it with a rag, work it into the leather and then wipe off the excess occasionally. Do not fill a can with oil and soak leather anything for hours- most people seem to know this, but there are those special few...

The Keeper Conundrum

Original K98 slings have one keeper (loop). Many neophyte enthusiasts believe they have two. Why? One of the leather companies in India, who supplies numerous other militaria vendors, has mistakenly decided that two keepers were better than one- perhaps they extrapolated from M1907 slings- I have no clue. Anyway, these slings are now prevalent on dealer sites as well as in youtube videos- but this is 100% FARB- historically it's utter BS.

For those who doubt me, the images below are taken from the wartime German K98 manual. One can clearly see that there is only one keeper (Riemenschieber.) Wartime photos of German troops as well as looking up original slings for sale will also bear this out.

Also, some of these bargain-barn gems are 12-18 inches too long. Originals are typically 48-50 inches. Not 6 feet...
For more details on originals, see Bergflak's K98 sling page.

Original diagram from
the German manual
Schematic from the wartime
manual showing the sling
fitted to the rifle