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Lafette Straps
Lafette Straps

: $124.99


Product Description

New carrying straps for MG34 & MG42 Lafetten. The actual gun mounts are reasonably plentiful- the straps not so. Nice original straps can cost nearly as much as the mount itself- and most are in no condition to use. Aside from some horrid knock-offs of our straps, these have never been properly duplicated before.

These reproductions are perfect. The hardware was duplicated using an original set and the cutting die design likewise came from a WWII strap. Our leather is from the EU and it's the best available- but also the most expensive- double the cost of American hides. We then finish it with a custom mixed light-brown dye matched to the tan-brown common to WWII German equipment. The shoulder straps are then die cut, checked, and sent overseas for saddle stitching. Like all originals, these are hand sewn with waxed cotton cord which was the standard method at that time.

Why don't we sew them here? Time, expense, lack of labor and carpal tunnel. The guys we use do this all day, every day, and we couldn't do a better job.

These are now (Oct. 2023) marked "FSU 1942" with WaA in the correct fonts and location. This is the code for Excelsior, Brandenburger Fahrrad und Motorradwerk which was one of the primary manufacturers of these straps as well as the MG Lafetten. About half of all original straps I have seen were made by this firm.

Sold in Pairs.

Made from 8-9 oz. leather from the EU, imported hardware and hand stitched overseas.
Dyed, cut and finished in USA.

About Originals: Bergflak now has several great reference pages devoted to MG Lafette's and their accessories.

Fraud Note:
There is only ONE design of these straps in WWII. The evolution of these straps was very short and the family tree has no branches. It's not uncommon to see other "variations" listed for sale online- the most common being postwar Yugoslavian models featuring pads and auxiliary straps that have been enhanced with a fake maker code (like "xyz" or similar) and a WWII date. If the straps differ in profile or fittings from the photos above, they aren't original. Period.

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