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Replica M24 Stick Grenade, Stenciled
Replica M24 Stick Grenade, Stenciled

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Product Description

Quality reproduction of the Stielhandgranate 24 "Potato Masher" stick grenades used by German troops in WWII. The size, color and markings are correctly re-created.

Stencils: The lettering on the head was applied to head from 1924- April 1940 after which is was discontinued. Such grenades can be seen in wartime photos through 1945, but they're far less in evidence as the War went on. This model has the stencil which translates to "Install fuse before use." (Grenades were shipped without their fuses for safety. Troops had to install them once they reached combat zones.)

Here is a secure link to Bergflak's article on the various marking applied to M24's in WWII.

Authenticity Notes:

1. This new generation (April 2023) has been improved. The handles are now unfinished like the originals- these were literally a throw away item and the wood was left raw. If this is objectionable, giving them a finish or stain for a more alluring appearance in one's bunker display is relatively simple.

2. There was some variation in the types of fasteners on untold millions of M24's made during WWII. The reproduction is a copy of one made with small wood screwed to hold the base of the head on, while the original in the photo is another variant that used indents instead. Both are historically correct.

3. The shape of the handles varied between manufacturers- some are smoothly tapered, others are very squared off or stepped in appearance. Of millions and millions made there were quite a few differences in the details.


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