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MG34/ MG42 50rd. Ammo Belt
MG34/ MG42 50rd. Ammo Belt

: $9.99


Product Description
Postwar manufacture 50 round belts for the MG34 and the MG42, as well as its later versions (M53, MG1, MG3, and MG74). These are identical to WWII belts aside from the manufacturer stamps and the shape of the connecting tabs used to join belts together. The tabs on postwar belts have a hook shape while the WWII models are more or less square.

Condition: These belts are in excellent shape- many appear to be new/ unused- they're clean with no damage and no cosmoline.
Many shooters recommend spraying the belts with Rem Oil before loading- I have used them both oiled and dry with no apparent difference.

No Sales Outside the USA! That includes Canada!