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Texled MG34/42 Sling
Texled MG34/42 Sling

: $89.99

Product Description

Made with American leather-
not Asian water buffalo

Realistic markings

Used in hand carry mode

Fits both MG34 and MG42

Attachment to MG34 barrel jacket

...and pistol grip


Clips to MG42 barrel jacket

Locked to '42 grip
Compared to a mint condition
original WWII sling
Saddled stitched by hand
with waxed cord
Same width, length, color, etc
Yes, both guns in the photos are "real". Why does that amaze so many people? Anyway...

Brand new reproduction slings for MG34's and MG42's. Our slings are nothing like the $25 water buffalo hide Asian made junk sold elsewhere- these are our own creations and we only use the best materials available. There are no other reproduction German MG slings like these. They are more expensive than the other options, but for a gun costing thousands (or tens of thousands of dollars), it's hardly outrageous.

A few years ago I was looking for a good reproduction sling for my MG42 and realized there weren't any. I owned several mint condition originals, and none of the available copies compared to them very well. All use wonky, vaguely-similar-to-WW2 hardware and stinky water buffalo leather painted chocolate brown. They're cheap, but they look, and often smell, like crap. For my gun, I found a battered original sling, dis-assembled it for a pattern, then made a new one using the authentic snap hook and buckle.

In 2012, after still having no luck finding a quality reproduction to sell, we set out to create our own. I acquired a set of original hardware (from another worn out WWII MG42 sling), and sent that off to our metal contractor to have them make new ones. German WWII slings were either dyed or painted, depending on the manufacturer. We chose dye as it darkens more readily with oiling and use. The color tends to be a light tan, which (of course) no one seems to make- the bottle may say "tan" or "saddle" but all the available shades end up being red-brown. We tried everything. So, we worked with Fiebings dye for several weeks and they custom mixed a new color for us using a mint sling for a color standard.

For the leather itself, we chose Hermann Oak products as they are the most consistent and highest quality we could find. We use only first quality, 8-9oz American cowhide.

The cheap slings often smell like a truck stop restroom because they are made with leather tanned in URINE. No joke. It's the cheapest stuff available in India, where most leather repro gear is made. It's also very difficult to find leather there that doesn't cause steel hardware (or any steel it lays on) to rust. Even hides that are not tanned in piss are often poorly rinsed and contain a high amount of salts. That's one reason the shops in Asia tend to slather a thick coat of paint on the leather and hardware- blued, blackened or parkarized steel fittings will otherwise rust quickly. One can get by with it on US gear, which often uses brass hardware, but not so much with German items.

To make our MG slings, we first inspect the hides, and trim off or mark any damaged areas or soft spots. Then it's sprayed light tan and strap cut in 25mm strips. These are checked again, cut to length and paired. The parts are then sent overseas for assembly- hand stitched, using heavy waxed cord just like originals. (We occasionally sew a few here to fill in, but the other guys are much better at it than us.) When we receive the final assemblies, they are culled a third time, and finally stamped with our waffenamt and maker mark. By letter of commerce department law, we can call these "Made in USA", (the majority of the cost is incurred here) but it's actually only a partial truth- hence my explanation.

The pistol grip clasp is the universal size that will fit both MG34's and MG 42's.
Maker marked and Waffentamted. (The maker, date and WaA number may vary.)

Partially assembled overseas with American and imported parts.