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MP40 Sling
MP40 Sling

: $39.99

Product Description

Hand sewn Correct stamp Darkens easily
New, high quality ATF leather sling for WWII MP38 and MP40 SMG's. These are not sold by any other vendors- they are not the painted, stinky, piss-tanned treasures available from dozens of other companies. Our leather is properly dyed, takes oil well, and darkens quickly and easily. Our slings are the correct width (24mm), length (120cm), hand sewn, correct steel hardware, with cross-hatched embossing.

Note: We punch the teardrop shaped holes from back to front (of the leather)- this isn't as pretty as the going the other direction, but it makes it much easier to fasten the stud. It's also the way the Germans did it in WWII. A few discriminating types have fussed but...call A. Speer to lodge a formal complaint.


German Sling Color
Most complaints we receive are this: It's not chocolate brown like the original!
Originals started out light brown. Dirt, oil, sweat, and sometimes polish or dye darkened them notably.
70+ years on, many are nearly black.

Original slings- the transition is easy to see.