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Texled MP40 Sling
Texled MP40 Sling

: $74.99


Product Description

New reproduction MP40 slings made with American leather. These are totally unrelated to any sling we have ever carried and bear no resemblance in look or smell water buffalo hide gems offered elsewhere.

Firstly, I used an unissued original cxo 44 sling as my guide. The color, length, and hole spacing were taken from it. These are approximately 120cm long and 24mm wide. The quality is no better and no worse than the real WWII slings.

We take top grade Hermann Oak leather, spray it with our custom mixed light tan dye, strap cut it to 24mm, and then emboss the "crosshatch" pattern. Our reproduction steel slides were custom made, maker marked, and properly blackened (not painted). The WWII slings vary some in the spacing of the holes for the stud at the rear- I experimented a bit with my MP40's and came up with what seems to be the optimal gap for the most secure fit of the slings.

Markings: We stamp these with a variety of maker codes and WA. However, just like on originals, the markings can be difficult to see- and once the sling is used very much, they will largely become even more faint. It's simply a characteristic of the leather- not a mistake. One of the hardest things to find in collecting is an original WWII K98, MP40 or MG sling with nice, legible markings. Normally one is lucky to even be able to see where the stamps once were, much less be able to read them.

Fit: Original MP38 and MP40's as well as ATI, GSG, and Denix reproductions.

Made in USA

Care: Just use mink or neetsfoot oil. Apply it with a rag, work it into the leather and then wipe off the excess occasionally. Do not fill a can with oil and soak leather anything for hours- most people seem to know this, but there are those special few...