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MP40 Safety Strap
MP40 Safety Strap

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Product Description
MP38's and early production MP40's lacked a locking bolt handle. This meant that if a soldier bumped the charging handle with the bolt in the forward position when the weapon was loaded, an accidental discharge could occur. A fix was quickly developed by an unknown Waffenmeister (armorer). A simple strap with a loop was fashioned from damaged slings or straps- it is attached to the base of the barrel and then to the charging handle, keeping it forward until the soldier released it. These were made at unit level, and exhibited a wide range of variations.

Sometime in 1941, a locking bolt handle was introduced which cured this potential issue. Guns produced from this point until the end of the War had the new handle and many of the early guns were retrofitted.

I looked at original examples, and decided on the type made from cannibalized slings with a buckle and keeper- this one is adjustable and easier to use than other variations. No markings- these were not factory items, hence there would be none. Genuine cowhide, hand-stitched with linen cord.

Personal experience: I've carried an early MP40 for over 20 years and have never once had an accidental discharge due to the lack of the locking bolt handle. Maybe it's just me...great salesmanship right?

What are these things? The
MP40 website has a page showing and explaining them.


Fit? Original (real) MP38's and MP40's. They are too short for the ATI and GSG semi-autos. I am unsure about the various "BFONG" creations out there.

No GSG "MP40" Versions: We will NOT offer a version for the semi autos. Due to those weapons firing from a closed bolt, this strap would actually present a safety hazard. The gun could be fired with it attached, which could then result in damage to the weapon and/ or the shooter.