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MP40 Safety Strap
MP40 Safety Strap

: $11.99

Product Description
Early MP40's had a dangerous tendency to accidentally discharge if the soldier bumped the charging handle with the bolt in the forward position when the weapon was loaded. A fix was quickly developed by an unknown Waffenmeister (armorer). A simple strap with a loop was fashioned from damaged slings or straps- it is attached to the base of the barrel and then to the charging handle, keeping it forward until the soldier released it. These were made at unit level, and exhibited a wide range of variations.

I looked at original examples, and decided on the type made from cannibalized slings with a buckle and keeper- this one is adjustable and easier to use than other variations. No markings- these were not factory items, hence there would be none. Genuine cowhide, hand-stitched with linen cord.

Fit? Original (real) MP38's and MP40's. They are too short for the ATI and GSG semi-autos. I am unsure about the various "BFONG" creations out there.